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UK Life Coaching that will help you set goals, take action and get results


Do you want to achieve career change? Do you want to get results?
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‘…your enthusiasm, understanding, natural empathy and the buzz you bring along… You’re a very special, very nourishing and very caring lady’




















Penny Vingoe
- Life Coach

Penny Vingoe

With Coaching you could achieve career change
Life Coaching is about encouraging achievement and getting results
Coaching helps you to set goals and take action

You might want to build self confidence
You might want to address relationship problems
You might want to undertake some career planning
You might want to clear the clutter in your home - and in your life
You might want to write that book...

What ever you want ring me on 08451 66 88 68

Coaching is about looking to the future. It is not (as is counseling and therapy) delving into your ‘baggage’. Coaching is non judgmental.

Coaching is about getting results

With coaching you will find answers for yourself – your coach is not there to give you answers. Your coach will not judge you, or what you say or do Your coach does not give opinions or advice unless you ask for them

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Success - and a better life - begins with action. If you want to realise your dreams then

Ring me now on 08451 66 88 68
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